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Condor Robotics is an innovative company specializing in the field of Industrial Automation and Robotic Systems, representing in Greece the industrial robots of Kawasaki Robotics and Toshiba Robots.

We are addressed to a large part of both Greek and International Industry, including processing and packaging food, palletizing e.t.c.

Condors absolute priority is to built relationships with customers based on trust by offering efficient and effective solutions with the best value for money.

Condor Robotics engineers are the best guarantee of studying and integrating robotics and industrial automation applications. With many years of experience and continuous presence in the field, we are able to identify and analyze the client’s need, suggest the right solution, provide technical advice and any kind of support

Condor Robotics offers the following services:

  • Study – Design – Manufacture of robotic systems.
  • Mechanical / Electrical Design
  • Manufacture of peripheral systems & electrical panels
  • Mechanical / Electrical installation
  • Device programming (PLC, HMI, SCADA. Robot)
  • Start up, Personnel training
  • Maintenance.
  • Immediate technical support and troubleshooting.

The main axes around which it defines philosophy and its aims are:

  • High quality product and specialization
  • Cooperation with high quality personnel
  • Continuous training and research in new technologies
  • Consistent after sales technical support
  • Continuous renewal of the product range