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Master Units

  • The Master units is the primary control processor for the system. In Cartesian systems with more than one axis, an additional slave axis is required for each additional axis.
  • On our Light and Medium load actuators, the Master Units have a user selectable input power setting (100~115VAC or 200~230VAC), allowing for Global integration capabilities.
  • On our larger Cartesian models, 200-230VAC is used to power our larger, high efficiency AC Servo motors.
  • 8 Inputs and 8 Outputs standard. I/O Type (PNP vs NPN) is selectable at order placement to allow for easy integration in any region.
  • Each master unit is capable of simultaneously executing up to 4 independent tasks in sequential mode.
  • THP-4C Teach pendant recommended with each Master unit.

Enhanced Functions*

  • A high-performance servo control engine is used in every Master Controller to enable handling of even the most complex trajectories and 3D Interpolation, such as complete sealing work.
  • A special line-up of controllers for high loads (motor capacities greater than 750 W) is available for reducing the cost of high-load systems.
  • A master unit with a built-in driver controls for one axis can be connected to additional Slave controllers handle up to a maximum of four control axes (two axes in previous models). This eliminates the need for a high-function master unit, which was required for 3- and 4-axis combinations before. This enables lower costs and reduced space requirements.
  • The processing speed of the controller has been increased for further reducing the cycle time.
  • The “external point designation mode” has been enhanced so that after positioning is completed, external output of the point table number is possible, making integration even easier!