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Large Payload

Large Payloads Robots

B Series (100-300kg), CX Series (110-210kg), Z Series (100-300kg)

Typical Applications::

  • Assembly
  • Friction Spot Joining
  • Machine Tending
  • Material Handling
  • Material Removal
  • Sealing / Dispensing
  • Spot Welding


B Series


The B series robots were developed for spot welding applications using Kawasaki’s proven advanced technology and extensive automotive experience to take performance to the next level. The robots offer through-arm cable routing, a space saving design with a wide work envelope, as well as heavy-duty motors and advanced motion control technology that make the B robot a champion sprinter.  These features reduce manufacturing line build and digital engineering time, support installation in “high-density” applications, and bolster high speed short-pitch movements, making the B series robots ideal for spot welding.

CX SERIES – ROBOT Large Payload


The general-purpose CX series robots offer a large payload capacity and feature a robust, yet lightweight, hollow arm and a new smaller sized universal controller. The series high-speed and slim arm design was developed to suit a wide range of applications, from material handling to spot welding.



The general-purpose Z series robots offer a large payload capacity and combine a long reach with minimal amount of dead space for a wide work envelope. The versatile and robust designs are directly responsible for improved production line efficiencies in automotive and a wide range of general industry applications.